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The TimeChart Of Military History

Author: Various
ISDN : ?????
Published : 1989, 1998

Notes: 100 photos, 80 illustrations and maps. 144 pages. Nine total feet of continuous timechart in full color. 3000 BC to the present

  • Decription:
    Created by an esteemed team of military scholars and packed with maps, photographs, and statistical charts. The Timechart of Military History is an accesible, attractive and authoritative book that belongs in every enthusiast's library.
    - Weapon specifications from swords to lasers.

    - Biographies of the world'd greatest military leaders.
    - Warplane developement and performance details
  • - Great military mueseums and places of interest.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Total pages : 144 pages

Ed's Analysis:
The book also contains
- Artifacts and Artworks of the period
-Great military Commanders of history
- Tactics and combat techniques
- Uniforms throughout history
- Weapons through the ages
- in depth information and fold out flaps
- At a glance: War in any year in history throughout the world
- country by country chronologies
- Uprisings, rebellions, invasions, terroism
- Every significant battle in history
- Nine total feet of continuous timechart in full color. 3000 BC to the present

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