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Ironclads at War
: The Origin and Development of the Armored Warship, 1854-1891

Author: Jack Greene, Alessandro Massignani
400 pages (November 1998)
Combined Books;
ISBN: 0938289586 ;
Dimensions (in inches): 1.14 x 9.26 x 6.31


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It is particulary good in its coverage of those ironclads in the service of other nations beyond the Royal Navy and the United States Navy. Contains well-done sections on the Seven Weeks War at sea, the wars of the South American Pacific coast including the Huáscar, and the Japanese Civil War.

Table of Contents

Warship Types
I The First Modern Ironclads
A New Age
The Crimean War
The Battle of Kinburn
A Seagoing Ironclad
II The Monitor and the Merrimack
Building the CSN
The Building of the Rivals
The Battle
The Action of 9 March 1862
III The Fall of New Orleans
The Confederate Shipbuilding Effort at New Orleans
The Passing of the Forts
IV The Struggle for Charleston
The First Attack on Charleston
The Capture of the CSS Atlanta
The Second Assault
V Mobile and Wilmington: The Closing of the
Major Confederate Ports The Saga of the Albemarle
Fort Fisher
The End of the First Modern War
VI The German and Italian Wars of Unification
The Schleswig-Holstein War of 1864: Tegetthoff Becomes a Hero
The Seven Weeks War: The Austrian and
Italian Fleets Encounter in the Adriatic
The Franco-Prussian War
VII South America's Pacific Coast Wars and
the Spanish Cartagena Revolt
The Cartagena Revolt
The Huascar Incident, 1877
The War of the Pacific
The Chilean Civil War
VIII Ironclads at War Around the World
The Despot Lopez and the War of the Triple Alliance
The Stonewall and Japan's Civil War
The Russo-Turkish War
The Bombardment of Sfax and Alexandria
The Franco-Chinese War of 1884-85
The End of the Ironclad
Glossary of Selected Terms
General Index
Index of Ships


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