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Destroyers of World War II
An International Encyclopedia

Author: M. J. Whitney

256 pages (March 31, 2000)
Naval Institute Press;
ISBN: 0870213261 ;
Dimensions (in inches): 1.15 x 9.94 x 9.91


Editorial Reviews
Book Description
Fast, compact and formidable, destroyers were in the thick of the action in every theater of operations during the Second World War. They performed a wide range of duties, often of the most hazardous nature. Not only were they assigned to escort the main battle fleets into action, but they were called upon to escort convoys and protect them from attacks by aircraft and submarines.

Illustrated with hundreds of photographs and line drawings, this reprint of the popular 1988 book comprehensively details in one volume all the destroyers built between 1939 and 1945 by the navies of the world. Each class is described under three headings: design, modification, and service. The author, a leading World War II historian, provides a wealth of data on each ship's builder, dimensions, armament, performance, and fate as well as keel-laying, launch, and commissioning dates. Such a detailed record of these highly effective, versatile ships will prove invaluable to warship enthusiasts everywhere.

Destroyers of World War Two : An International Encyclopedia is an excellent effort by an author whose work has often been marred by factual errors. The information contained in this volume is for the most part correct and most of the photos are different enough from other reference books. All particulars on destroyers of the various nations during World War 2 are listed here, including the ships of combatant and neutral nations. Whitley's definition of 'destroyer' is rather loose, as it does include fleet torpedo boats of over 200 tons, but essentially any vessel armed with torpedos and powered by steam or diesel propulsion and able to operate with major fleet combatatants is considered a destroyer in this book: therefore the US Navy destroyer escorts, which could be categorized as frigates under a different classification system, are included in this volume. The inclusion of the destroyers of neutral nations is welcome since much of this information is not available elsewhere. As a reference, this is a pretty useful book but the drawings are not the book's high point. The poor drawings are a feature of all the books of the series. As I have an older edition, I assume this reprint is pretty much the same; however it is good to see this book back in print. All we need is for the submarine encyclopedia to be reprinted for the entire series to be complete



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