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Brassey's Modern Fighters
: The Ultimate Guide to In-Flight Tactics, Technology, Weapons, and Equipment by

Author: Mike Spick
144 pages 1 Ed edition (March 1, 2000)
Brasseys Inc;
ISBN: 1574882473 ;
Dimensions (in inches): 0.82 x 11.94 x 8.83


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Editorial Reviews

From Book News, Inc.
A guide through the evolution of fighter aviation from the "stick and string" flying machines of the 1900s, through the throes of two world wars, to the sophisticated weapon systems of today. In addition to detailed looks at the technology, design, dimensions and combat qualities of the world's fighter aircraft, Spick (author of 25-plus books on military aviation) provides up-to-date information about radar and infra-red detection measures, missile guidance systems, cockpit communications, ballistics and stealth technology. Finally he looks to the future and analyzes what it will take to achieve and maintain air superiority in the 21st century. Contains 240-plus color action photographs, dimensions and specifications, and technical diagrams.Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Book Description
Today's fighter aircraft are breathtaking in their capabilities. Speed, maneuvering, firepower, and stealth combine to make these planes the ultimate in aerial combat. Modern Fighters expertly guides you through the evolution of fighter aviation--from the "stick and string" flying machines of the 1900's , through the throes of two world wars, to the sophisticated weapon systems of today.

Inside you'll find a detailed look at the technology, design, dimensions, and combat quailities of the world's fighter aircraft--from China's Chengdu F-7MG and Russia's MIIG-31 Foxhound to France's Mirage 2000 and America's F-22 Raptor. You'll also discoverup-to-date information about radar and infra-red detectionmeasures, missile guidance systems, cockpit commuications, ballistics, and stealth technology. Finally, Modern Fighters looks to the future and analyzes what it will tke to achieve and maintain air superiority in the Twenty-first century.

Clearly written, with dramatic action photograph supplemented by technical diagrams and detailed specifications, Modern Fighters is an indispensable reference for professional airmen and aviation enthusiasts alike.

About the Author
Mike Spick is a leading commentator on military aviation with more than twenty-five books to his credit, including Modern Air Combat, Illustrated Guide to Modern Attack Aircraft, and Classic Warplanes. He is currently a consultant to AirForces monthly and a contributor to Air International and Air Enthusiast.

This is a new book by Mike Spick about current and future development of fighters. There are three categories in the book :first part is the knowledge of fighter design, equipment and how to measure the capability of a fighter. The 2nd part covers several fighters around the world, including two from red China and those so called 5th generation fighters. The last part talks about the current and future development, including stealth and UAV. There are also pages of introduction of F-22, JSF, S-37 and others after this section. This is a very good, or you could say excellent book for current and near future fighter development. Mike Spick explains terms very well and easy to understand even for general readers. For average reader, this is a book to know the latest development and terms of technologies. For more hardcore and experienced reader, this is a good updating reference of latest data.


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