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- General
- Alternate History
- Air / Aviation tactics
- Aircaft (US)
- Aircraft (German)
- Aircraft (British)
- Aircraft (Japanese)
- Aircaft (Others)
- Army (US Army)
- Army (German Army, Waffen SS)
- Army (Japanese Army)
- Battle of the Atlantic
- Battle of Midway
- Hitler
- Holocaust
- Macarthur, Douglas
- Narratives of the War
- Naval Warfare
- Navies (General)
- Navies (US)
- Navies (German)
- Navies (Italian + French)
- Navies (Japanese)
- Navies (Bristish)
- Normandy
- Pearl Harbour
- Rommel, Erwin
- Submarine Warfare
- Submarines (U-boat)
- Tank Warfare
- Tanks ( Panzer, German Forces)
- Tanks (American Forces)
- Tributes to the Soldiers of WWII.
- War in the East
- War in the Pacific
- War in the West (Battle Of Britain)
- War in the West (1944 - fall of Berlin)
- Women in the War


- General
- Sniping
- Weapons


- General
- Aircraft (US)
- Aircraft (Soviet)
- Aircraft (European)
- Gulf War
- Jane's Recognition guides (Guns, Aircraft, Ships, Tanks, Commercial Aircraft)
- Sniping
- Marines

Well Known Military Authors
- John Keegan

Welcome to the Military Books Online Site.

What I wish to accomplish with this site?

To give you a huge selection of military books you can buy under categories listed. It is designed to make your search easier and your online experience worthwhile.

So far this site is still under construction but I hope it can be done and in service to you all. Just enjoy the books listed already.

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